Silver Female Guitar String Bracelet

Silver Female Guitar String Bracelet

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This is a guitar string bracelet made out of my very own used guitar strings. 
I always think about ways I can give you more of 'me' and the essence of who I am. I recycled my used guitar strings with "Strings for Hope" who made these bracelets. 

When you buy a bracelet, a large portion of the proceeds goes to women who made these pieces of art -  who are in half-way houses, usually straight from jail who are looking to make a better life for themselves. The rest of the proceeds goes to local Nashville nonprofits. Plus we help the environment! 

These are delicate, and all sorts of unique! Each one is made entirely from my guitar strings. The colors indicate whether the strings were from my electric or acoustic guitar. (Gold is acoustic, silver is electric)

6.5 is a little tighter for the AVERAGE wrist, 7 is a little looser, or would fit well for those with a tighter wrist. As these are made by hand they are NOT exact. They also don't stretch. Make sure to measure your wrist to make sure these will fit! 

These ARE 6.5

These attach easily, do not rust, and are truly stunning.

They will come in a little glittered baggy, with more info on the non-profit.

Can't wait for you to have a little piece of me <3

"Strings for HOPE is a 501(c)3 non-profit who take recycled musical strings and make them into wearable art. Proceeds go back to food distribution programs, healthcare clinics, and schools in Tennessee and globally in Honduras and Kenya."