VIP - Dosey Doe TX Guitar Petting Zoo

VIP - Dosey Doe TX Guitar Petting Zoo

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I know guitars aren't typically considered 'cuddly' in most senses, but haven't ya' always wanted to get your greasy little paws on Two-Tone? 
Well, here's a chance.

Don't have enough space to drive your neighbors through the wall by playing through an old 60's marshall fullstack?
Well heck, here's your chance. (only 10 available)

These Meet & Greet passes are for Arielle's GUITAR PETTING ZOO, where you get an opportunity to hang out backstage Pre-Show, take photos with all of Arielle's most beloved instruments, and give it a go just about as loud as you want through her touring rig. 

You also get a special VIP Pass, a bundle of Arielle's custom guitar picks, & a signed poster.

These passes are for the gig at the Dosey Doe Barn Venue on OCTOBER 20th 2022.
These do NOT include a ticket for the show.  

These passes will be mailed to your house. All details of when to show up and what to do will be emailed to you at around 1 week before the show.