Arielle Instrument Cable
Arielle Instrument Cable
Arielle Instrument Cable

Arielle Instrument Cable

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High-end audio grade cable hand assembled custom by Alessandro High End Products for Arielle & Two-Tone Garage.

Directional, grain oriented, oxygen free copper conductor with Composilex insulation and patented DNA HELIX geometry. This technology opens the dynamic range of the instrument cable, giving it a truer signal with less loss & better over-all fidelity.

Handmade in the USA.

Shorting Plug Option - These allow you to unplug the guitar noise-free. 
A MUST while performing live. 


Arielle's 2 cents 
Tone comes from the smallest, minute of things you might not ever think about.
Go to a guitar store, buy a beautiful guitar, play a thousand amps before you find the right one, and the cheapest cable possible, cuz why bother??

Being on the road as long and as often as I am, cables are one of the most integral elements to my sound, second to the guitar & amp. 
I have used the same cables for the same instruments for years, because I do believe they can colour the tone in an off-putting way, bring out the natural beauty of the gear, or simply be neutral. 

Collaborating with ALESSANDRO HIGH END PRODUCTS was an organic connection, made 5+ years ago during my time opening for Eric Johnson. I was given one of the cables from the company (the same one we are selling here) and have used it ever since. 

These are the most affordable high-end cables you'll find, that are professional grade for just about any instrument you'll need it for, like your bass, keys, guitar or whatever else you may need. Road worthy, and bedroom friendly. 
They also have a great smell that never goes away. It just smells high-end 

For custom sizes or orders, please reach out to and we can make it happen!