Official Tour Sponsor

Official Tour Sponsor

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For my Winter 2022 Tour in the USA, I am looking for 5 tour sponsors.

What does it mean to sponsor a tour?
You can either sponsor a tour as a business/brand or as a person. Obviously, depending on what you choose will determine how we work together.
Each sponsor spot would be $2,500

Why aren’t I working with other big brands?
I suppose I could, but I wanted to work closely with my fans & friends as I have with crowdfunding. I find it to be a lot more rewarding, and we get to actually work well TOGETHER on a personal level instead of dealing with large companies. Plus, I love to ‘keep it in the family.’

What do you get out of it?
Depending on what your business is, we could create a custom plan. We could put your logo on my van as we are traveling a large portion of the US, we can make videos for you, I’d give you access to use my music, I could use your products, promotions on my socials, we could do a lot of neat stuff together depending on what it is. I am really open on this and want to work with YOU. Or heck, give you a massive shoutout during my shows every night. Leave your info at my merch booth…endless!

Do you have to be a business to sponsor the tour?
Nope! You can be an individual. If you do end up sponsoring the tour, I would give you VIP access to all of my shows, a bunch of free tickets, shoutouts, and all sorts of other perks.
Plus, you would be supporting the tour and making it happen. I have added a few people onto my tour, which means I have a TON more cost. This helps me pay the upfront costs, which are tens of thousands of dollars before the tour even begins (sometimes 6 months out.)

First thing it means is that you are helping to create a sustainable tour for us with the massive expenses upfront. It means we can rent our touring van, pay for all of our merch in advance, book our places to stay, and so much more costs that all come into play months before we even tour. This allows independent musicians like me a way to tour without going entirely broke and inevitably, not putting on a good show.