PREORDER BMG Arielle Guitar

PREORDER BMG Arielle Guitar

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"Arielle’s playing reaches places I never knew existed - I believe this guitar will do the same." Dr. Brian May • January 2021

Dr. Brian May and Brian May Guitars are delighted to present a brand new addition to the BMG line for 2021, the result of a fresh collaboration with American singer, songwriter and guitarist Arielle and the first original instrument build that the Queen virtuoso has actively contributed to since he and his father embarked on the construction of the Red Special almost 60 years ago.

Inspired by Arielle's own BM-influenced 'Two-Tone' guitar and designed from the ground up by the two musicians as a competitively priced counterpart to the best-selling BMG Special, this Signature model has been brought to vivid life by the House Music team to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their successful ongoing partnership with Brian May.