LIMITED EDITION Soft Arielle Guitar Strap

Product description

I have 10 of each colour for these LIMITED EDITION guitar straps.

These are pre-order, as they are coming in from Spain. 
Grab them while you can, as this particular design will not be coming back.


100% made from a SYNTHETIC LAMINATED MATERIAL WITHOUT RAW MATERIALS OF ANIMAL ORIGIN, VEGAN PREMIUM , 100% phthalate free, 100% hydrolysis free and 100% recyclable.

This new and unique patented material is more economical and eco-friendly.

In addition, the material IS ALSO 100% RECYCLABLE.

This technology was developed based on the latest generation PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), totally free of phthalates.

PVC is widely applied in the civil construction sectors (pipes, connections, wires, etc.), packaging materials (food protective films, bottles for various uses, mineral water bottles, hygiene and cleaning materials, etc.), as well as in the footwear industry. Find out more about this material:

  • Resistant to the action of fungi, bacteria, insects and rodents;
  • Resistant to most chemical reagents;
  • Good thermal, electrical and acoustic insulation;
  • Solid and shock resistant;
  • Impervious to gases and liquids;
  • Weather resistant (sun, rain, wind and sea air);
  • Durable: its lifespan in construction is over 50 years;
  • Does not spread flames;
  • Versatile and environmentally friendly;
  • Recyclable and recycled;
  • Manufactured with low energy consumption.

 Thanks to Paul for the photo! 

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