Live-To-Vinyl Concert Ticket - Welcome to 1979 April 26th.

Live-To-Vinyl Concert Ticket - Welcome to 1979 April 26th.

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When - April 26th, 2024 
Where? Nashville, TN

Experience the Soul of Analog Music Production at Nashville's Iconic Welcome to 1979 Studio,

Step into the heart of Nashville's music scene with an exclusive ticket to a once-in-a-lifetime event at the legendary Welcome to 1979 studio. This is more than just a visit; it's your backstage pass to the golden age of music, offering a blend of history, live performance, and hands-on experience with some of the most unique and sought-after analog recording equipment in the world with me & the owner of the studio, legendary Chris Mara. 

1. Exclusive Access: Be one of the select 50 fans to experience a private evening at one of Nashville's premier analog studios. This intimate setting ensures a personalized and unforgettable journey through the magic of music production & recording. Making an album right before your eyes. We might even ask you to sing on a song! 

2. Comprehensive Studio Tour: Delve into the heart of analog music creation with a full tour of Welcome to 1979. Discover the secrets behind producing timeless music as you explore rooms filled with rare and iconic gear that has shaped the sound of generations.

3. Mara Machines Insight: Step into the world of Mara Machines, where vintage tape machines are brought back to life. Learn about the meticulous process of upgrading and selling these musical treasures that are essential to the analog sound.

4. Electroplating Discovery: Witness the first step in vinyl creation with a tour of our on-site electroplating studio. Understand the intricate process of preparing vinyl records, from master tape to the grooves that capture the music's soul.

5. Live Mini Concert: Experience the raw energy of live music in an intimate setting. This mini-concert showcases the studio's acoustics and offers a rare chance to see the band and I in our element, performing with passion & spontaneity. 

6. Direct-to-Vinyl Recording: Cap off the evening with a direct-to-vinyl recording session. Participate in the creation of a vinyl record in real-time, a tangible piece of music history you can treasure forever. It will also include an early pressing of the vinyl once manufactured with your name in the artwork. 

7. Wholesome and Engaging Atmosphere: From start to finish, the event is designed to foster a sense of community and connection among fans and artists alike. Enjoy a wholesome, engaging atmosphere that celebrates the shared love for music.

8. An Unmissable Experience: No matter where you live, this event promises an unmatched exploration of music's past, present, and future. It's an investment in a lifetime memory, a story to tell for years to come. While you are in town, make sure you go & explore the rest of what Nashville has to offer.

Tickets are limited to ensure a personal and immersive experience. At $150 each, secure your spot at this exclusive event and witness the art of analog music production like never before. Join us at Welcome to 1979, where music history is not just observed but lived.

Don't miss out on this unparalleled journey through the soul of music production. Reserve your ticket now and be part of Nashville's finest analog studio experience.

The shipping is for your signed copy of the vinyl once manufactured, somewhere between 3-4 months after the event. 

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