Mind Lion Synesthesia Soap Kit

Product description

Mind Lion Soaps!
These are coming out of the vault, as I would hate for them to go to waste. 

These are from about 4-5 years ago, but are still good, and ready to be used to freshen you (or your family pooch) up.  Vegan, all natural, organic soaps that my friend & I made to go along with each soaps.

There are only 2 full packs, and 2 packs that have a little bit of their natural oils leaking onto the paper (but doesn't impact the soap quality itself.)

I also have a few separate soaps that are available as individuals for a few of the songs off of Mind Lion. Grab these while you can, as we won't be offering these again.

From the text on the 7 soap packages - 

"My magickal friend Lori is a soapmaker. We were hanging out about 6 months ago, and it occured to us that we could make a scent, an extra-sensory experience of each of the songs on my album within a fragrance.
Music is such a viscereal experience that can't always be entirely captured by sound alone. So here we are.

This is every song off of my EP, Mind Lion, with an added bonus of MAGICK AGAIN. 
I hope you enjoy this as much as we did making it.

These are one of a kind, handmade with care and we spent months on creating and putting together the adequate aromas that I felt explained each song without words."


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